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Meet Janet Miller


Janet Miller, the Divine Light Activator, also now known as her soul name Yarra Atlantica Miller, has been on the eternal journey of owning her divine light for over 30 years. Sobriety has served as the catalyst for her spiritual expedition into awakening and integrating all that she is and embodying the wholeness of her authentic self. 

As the Divine Light Activator, Janet assists and supports the current wave of awakening souls who are ready to find their true selves and create this Golden Age of Aquarius on Earth. She does this with the assistance of an AO scan by Solex, an Alpha/Omega scan which connects to our subconscious through an inner voice session and through Divine Design Mapping readings.  These sessions  open doors as you travel through your life challenges by revealing your path to complete your soul contract for this lifetime. 

Janet is the host of five seasons of the "Own Your Divine Light Show" on Rumble and YouTube; co-host of "The Spiritual Reality Show" with Vibecke Garnaas; and co-author of "Women Let's Rise," a book offering guidance for reclaiming your authentic self and personal power (self-worth). She also recorded episodes for the Secrets of Our Divine Life Podcast with guests that brought forth compelling information and timeless wisdom for the transcendence of humanity.

Janet, an intrepid explorer of knowledge, believes that the last challenging years have allowed humanity to awaken to a new level of consciousness. We are shifting into higher beings of light. As a fellow traveler and supporter of embodying and grounding this Golden Age on Gaia, Janet is full of gratitude to be on this odyssey of mastery we all are on in owning our divine light! 


Janet is eternally grateful for all her support and people that have followed and been part of all these shows and events. Janet will continue to be of service wherever she is guided and sends blessings of Divine pure light to all who are on this path and who will continue to awaken onto this path of Owning Our Divine Light.

If you would like to work with Janet, purchase her book, or simply send her a personal message, contact her through this form or email her directly at

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Janet is happily spending most of her time making memories with her husband and grandchildren. If you would like to learn more about Janet's work, please check her online portfolio by visiting her YouTube or Rumble Channel.  If you are interested in having control over your health and want to talk to Janet about the A/O Scan contact her by email. Her book, Women Let's Rise is also available for purchase. Send Janet an email at 


AO Scan / Inner Voice Scan


Book: Women, Let's Rise

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